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Many clubs struggle for years, and despite their best efforts fail to achieve the results they’d hoped for. Progress often hindered by; lack of attendance, finance, the ability to produce top players, finding the right coach, and more. The tried and tested methods Zoltan offers, will provide the guidance and support your club needs to grow and flourish, giving you consistent, dependable results and building a more fulfilling future in the sport.


Have you watched your club’s progress and its talent stagnate?

Zoltan will provide effective strategies and programmes to ensure that your members continue to grow amidst these unprecedented times, giving your club the edge when the going gets tough, and when the tough need to get going again.

Key Features

Maximise Attendance

Help with maximising membership and attendance

Be on The Ball With Your Finance

Helping your club overcome never-ending financial struggles

Make your club future-proof

Providing help and guidance to ensure your clubs future

Develop Top Players

Effective methods and strategies to produce top players

How to Hire The Right Coach

I can help you locate and hire the right coach for your club

Tailored Consultation

Help overcoming the unique problems faced by your club.


  • “Having completed over 300 school reviews and observed over 1000 teachers, my view is that Zoltan Hosszu is one of the most exceptional coaches I have seen. The progress, rapid improvement and success of a small group of Reach Free School pupils is testimony to Zoltan’s teaching, knowledge and expertise.”

    David Bartram OBE
    SEND Director for London Challenge and advisor to the Mayor of London’s Education Team

  • “Zoltan has been our external Table Tennis coach at Hendon School for the past four years. During his time the club has now developed into a Table Tennis Academy, which provides training to not only our pupils, but also to other children and adults in the local community.”

    Miss Donna Sheehan
    (Head of Physical Education Faculty)

  • “Zoltan is a very popular coach and a tremendous asset to Ellenborough Table Tennis Club.”

    Keith Williams

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